Technology and IT Subscription Services Comparison

Compare monthly subscription services (subs) for technology in general, such as mobile wifi, servers, and programming schools.

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Subscribed services in the Technology and IT genre are

Subscribed services in the Technology and IT genre are

  1. internet connection
  2. server
  3. tech school

and other services that are familiar to us. You may not be aware of it, but you may actually be a tech subscriber.

A characteristic of subs in the technology and IT genre is that many of them are "unlimited use". Many services in this genre are suited to this type of unlimited use because they do not involve physical material such as data or telecommunications.

One of the advantages of this type of service is that it is easy to use, and the more you use it, the more cost-effective it becomes.

Tips for choosing a technology/IT subscriber

Check to see if it is "really" unlimited use.

Many technology and IT-related subscriptions offer "unlimited use" plans, but even if a subscription plan is available as a plan, not all services are "unlimited use" in some cases.

For example, there are cases where "additional options are required" if you want to use certain functions, and there are cases such as WiMAX where "unlimited use" has certain usage restrictions.

While there is no problem if you know what you are getting, "I thought I could use it as much as I wanted, but it was restricted" is a common complaint about technology and IT-related subscriptions, so be sure to check before signing a contract.

Pay special attention to the contract term.

Long-term contractual restrictions" are common among technology and IT-related subscriptions, especially those related to Internet access. Internet service providers often advertise a "real" monthly fee of $ 20 at the time of signing the contract, but in reality, the fee increases from the second year. In addition, these contracts often have trap-like terms and conditions, such as "2-year contract, with a cancellation fee if you cancel during the contract period" or "full installation fee if you cancel during the contract period.

Be sure to pay attention to these terms and conditions before signing a contract.

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