The best VPS for WordPress

We will compare the important points when using a VPS to run a WordPress site and the best VPS servers for WordPress.

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Points to consider when choosing a VPS server for WordPress

Is there an OS template?

With shared rental servers, WordPress can be installed at the touch of a button once you sign up, but if you build it on a VPS, you will need to set up your own environment.

  1. install & start up PHP, MySQL, and web server
  2. configuration of SFTP, etc.
  3. SSL registration

Since you need to do all these tasks yourself, it is surprisingly time-consuming.

The OS template reduces such work. There are OS templates with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) pre-installed, and some of them even have WordPress ready to use, so the amount of work you have to do will completely change depending on whether you have an OS template or not.

Especially if you don't have much knowledge or experience with VPS servers, choose a VPS server that has an OS template that allows you to use WordPress.

Do you have a large memory plan?

WordPress is a memory-consuming framework, so it is safe to choose a VPS with at least 2GB memory. If your site has a lot of traffic, then 4GB memory or more is a must.

The number of memory and vCPU will be increased as your site grows, so having a high memory plan or not is the key to be able to run WordPress on that VPS for a long time.

Is the plan change/snapshot feature available?

As the site grows steadily, the traffic will increase and the load on the VPS server will increase. It is often the case that the increase in accesses results in insufficient processing capacity for the plan you have signed up for.

In such cases, if the VPS has a function that allows you to upgrade only the contracted plan without changing the current configuration, the migration work due to the upgrade becomes almost zero, and the management effort can be drastically reduced.

Even if you cannot change plans, you can easily migrate to a higher plan if you have a snapshot function that allows you to back up the VPS server status as it is.

Therefore, be sure to check the following two points: "Is it possible to change plans without changing the server?

This is the best VPS for WordPress!

Lowest price $2.5 "Vultr

Vultr is a VPS service that offers rentals starting at $2.50/month, with WordPress templates available so you can set up a WordPress site with a single click.

The maximum machine spec is 24vCPU & 96GB memory, which is more than enough, so once you set up a VPS server, you can use it for a long time.

VPS ServerWordPress TemplateMax MemoryChange PlanSnapshot
Vultr VPS96GB-

"Digital Ocean" with cloud-like scalability

Digital Ocean, which was primarily a VPS service, is now a comprehensive server service that offers a variety of server products, from cloud storage to serverless services.

Digital Ocean is the No.1 in terms of the wide range of services, such as combining WordPress site with cloud storage, or migrating WordPress site from VPS to serverless, etc.

VPS ServerWordPress TemplateMax MemoryChange PlanSnapshot
Digital Ocean VPS256GB-

Vultr thumbnail$ 2.50Go to Site


by Constant Company, LLC

Very cheap VPS available for rent from $2.5/month

Very cheap VPS available for rent from $2.5/month

Digital Ocean thumbnail$ 5.00Go to Site

Digital Ocean

by DigitalOcean, LLC

Comprehensive server service similar to cloud computing, starting at $5/month

Comprehensive server service similar to cloud computing, starting at $5/month

Finally, let's compare the VPS servers we have recommended so far.

VPS ServerWordPress TemplateMax MemoryChange PlanSnapshot
Vultr VPS96GB-
Digital Ocean VPS256GB-

Both Vultr and Digital Ocean are inexpensive and can quickly build a site from WordPress templates, so it doesn't matter which one you choose.

If you are developing services other than WordPress sites and want to use a combination of serverless and cloud storage, Digital Ocean is the best choice because of its wide range of options.

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