Summary of free VPS servers

Some VPS services distribute free slots or free credits to first-time users. We have compiled a list of such free VPS servers.

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Free VPS server

Only Google's GCE is completely free.

Although Google Cloud Platform is a pay-as-you-go service, a free slot called "Always Free" exists.

Always Free | Google Cloud Platform

The Always Free framework includes Compute Engine (GCE), a virtual computing service (VPS), with free e2-micro instances in us-east1, us-west1, and us-central1 regions.

This is the only VPS server that can be operated for free, although credit card registration is required and you will be charged if you exceed the free limit.

VPS services that are free for a certain period of time with a coupon

Some VPS services distribute credits that can be used to use the server for the first time only.

With such services, you can use the VPS server for free during the credit's validity period.

Vultr thumbnail$ 2.50Go to Site


by Constant Company, LLC

Very cheap VPS available for rent from $2.5/month

Very cheap VPS available for rent from $2.5/month

Vultr, a prominent VPS service, has a $100 time-limited credit that you can use as a referral code. With this system, you can use the VPS server for free for a certain period of time.

If you do not know the referral code, you can get $100 credit by registering at the link below.


Digital Ocean thumbnail$ 5.00Go to Site

Digital Ocean

by DigitalOcean, LLC

Comprehensive server service similar to cloud computing, starting at $5/month

Comprehensive server service similar to cloud computing, starting at $5/month

Digital Ocean, another prominent VPS vendor, also offers the same referral code as Vultr for a $100 credit that can be used for 60 days.

Although $100 in two months is not a lot of money to spend, Digital Ocean is a simple and easy-to-use VPS that is ideal for those who want to start a VPS for free.

If you don't have a referral code, click the link below to register and be eligible for the $100 credit gift.

Digital Ocean

Points to keep in mind when using a free VPS server

Be prepared for charges beyond your free quota.

Whether you use a completely free GCE or a VPS that gives you coupons or credits, such as Vultr or Digital Ocean, if you use more than your free quota or credits, you will start being charged.

Once the billing starts, you will be charged at the regular rate, so if you set up a high-spec VPS just because you have a lot of credits, or if you leave multiple VPS running at the same time, you will be charged a hefty amount when the credits are finished.

To avoid such a situation, take measures to avoid being billed, such as sending out notifications via Google Calendar.

Do not commit fraud!

Do not engage in any fraudulent activities with a free VPS, such as spamming, or illegally obtaining multiple free credits.

The free VPS is provided by the VPS service to "let people experience the service," so if you do anything that is disruptive, you may lose the privilege.

Even if it is good for you, it will be disadvantageous to users who want to start VPS, so please do not cheat.

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